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Go Wireless® Heart Rate

Go Wireless Heart Rate

We have expanded our line of wireless sensors with the new Go Wireless Heart Rate. This affordable sensor consists of a pair of wireless hand grips that can be used to measure human heart rate with a mobile device. It is ideal for continuously monitoring heart rate before, during, and after exercise. Go Wireless Heart Rate works with iOS, Android, and LabQuest 2.

Go Wireless Heart Rate is perfect for biology and physiology experiments that study the heart, heart rate, or exercise. It is simple and easy to use as it displays live heart rate readouts before you begin data collection. The hand grips are easy to clean and share between students and do not require special electrodes. The sensor is powered by a small, replaceable battery and turns itself off when not in use, allowing the device to be used for over 200 hours. Data collected with Go Wireless Heart Rate and LabQuest 2 during the “Heart Rate and Exercise” activity are shown below. The data show a period of resting heart rate, followed by an increase of heart rate due to moderate exercise, and then the recovery of the heart rate.

Go Wireless Heart Rate
Heart rate increase and recovery with moderate exercise

For a hands-free option for measuring heart rate, you can purchase a Go Wireless Exercise Heart Rate that uses a chest strap instead of hand grips. If you already have a Go Wireless Heart Rate, the Exercise Heart Rate Strap can be purchased separately. Simply detach the transmitter module from the hand grips and attach it to the chest strap. This provides an easy option for monitoring heart rate during running, cycling, and other physical activities that are best studied hands free.

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