Current TI-Nspire Products

Software version 3.0 or higher

Software version 3.0 or higher

This following software does not work with Vernier or Texas Instruments data collection products:

Older TI-Nspire Products

Software version 3.0 or newer

  • CBL 2 (CBL2)
  • LabPro (LABPRO) – Handhelds do not fit in calculator cradles
  • EasyTemp (EZ-TMP)
  • Go!Temp (GO-TEMP)-(requires adapter)
  • CBR 2 (CBR2)
  • Go! Motion (GO-MOT)-(requires adapter or USB cable)
  • EasyLink (EZ-LINK)
  • Go!Link (GO-LINK)-(requires adapter)
  • Original CBL
  • Original CBR
  • Vernier Sensors (supported by EasyData or DataMate)
  • TI-Nspire ViewScreen Panel
  • Graphical Analysis 3– Import calculator data feature (v3.4 or older)
  • Logger Pro 3 (LP) – Import calculator data feature
  • TI-83, TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus family calculators – for file and data sharing
  • TI Apps – Cabri Jr, Cell Sheet, Inequality, Learn Check, Periodic Table, Probability Simulations, Science Tools, Study Cards, Transformation Graphing (tested by TI)
  • TI Connect – cannot update operating system
  • TI InterActive! – Import/export data
  • TI Graph Link Cables (Gray and Black serial cables)
  • TI Graph Link software – TI-83 Plus version only
  • TI-Navigator Systems for the TI-84 (no longer sold)
  • TI-84 SmartView CE Emulator Software (TI-84EMU-SNGL1YR-ESW) – to show representation of 84 mode screen only. Does not work with SmartPad App.
  • TI Connectivity Kit USB (GLC-USB)
  • Vernier Apps – EasyData (recommended); DataMate, VST Apps, Physics, ChemBio, PhySci

TI-84 OS version 2.44 or higher