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     How do I install the latest compatible version of an app on an earlier version of iOS?

Create an Experiment
Tap Create Experiment to start data collection or manual data entry. Graphical Analysis automatically saves your experiments.
How do I delete an experiment from Graphical Analysis GW for iOS?
How do I change the name of an experiment in Graphical Analysis GW for iOS?
Can I open an experiment on iOS, like I do with Logger Pro?

Collect Data
When creating a new experiment, tap to select a source for your data. You can choose Go Wireless Devices (Go Wireless Temp, Go Wireless pH, Go Wireless Heart Rate, Go Wireless Link), NODE, LabQuest Stream, Data Sharing (LabQuest 2, LabQuest 3, or Logger Pro), Built-in Sensors, or Manual Entry.

Connect to a Data Sharing Source
How do I set up LabQuest 2 or LabQuest 3 and Graphical Analysis app to work together via wireless Data Sharing over Wi-Fi?
Why doesn't Graphical Analysis display my LabQuest in the list of available Data Sharing devices?
Networking for LabQuest 2 and LabQuest 3—FAQ and Troubleshooting
Data Sharing - Connected Science System FAQ and Troubleshooting
Can Logger Pro send data from a computer to iPads, Chromebooks, and tablets?
Can I use my Vernier "wired" sensors with Graphical Analysis app on an iPad, Chromebook, Android tablet, or other mobile devices?
Data Sharing: How many devices running Graphical Analysis or Graphical Analysis Pro can I connect to a single LabQuest device?
Graphical Analysis (iPad 2): When I create a new experiment, I don't see an option for Wireless Sensors.
Can I connect a Vernier interface to an iPad with a USB adapter?

Work with Data
What happens to existing data when data collection is started remotely on LabQuest that is Data Sharing?
Is it possible to analyze video in Graphical Analysis app on an iPad?
Can I open data files, such as Logger Pro or LabQuest files, in Graphical Analysis GW for iOS devices?
I imported a file into Graphical Analysis GW for iOS, but I can't see the calculated columns. What is wrong?
How do I import a data file in Graphical Analysis GW for iOS?
When I tap on an email attachment to open it in Graphical Analysis GW for iOS, it doesn't work.
How do I change the name of an experiment in Graphical Analysis GW for iOS?

Additional TILs
Do you have data-collection software available for mobile devices (iOS and Android - tablets and phones)?
Why does my iPad keyboard cover the text entry fields in Graphical Analysis?
How can I manually input numbers into Graphical Analysis app on iOS?

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