Some Vernier sensors are compatible with the Ward’s DataHub using their “Universal Sensor Adapter,” although with a reduced feature set. No Vernier sensors will auto-ID on the Ward’s DataHub, and some cannot be calibrated. Many sensors have not been tested. Below is a list of what we expect based on some testing and our knowledge of the electrical characteristics of our sensors:

NOT compatible:
Some analog sensors, including:

All Digital Sensors, including:

All Radiation Monitors:

  • Student Radiation Monitor (SRM-BTD, discontinued)
  • Radiation Monitor (RM-BTD, discontinued)
  • Digital Radiation Monitor (DRM-BTD, discontinued)
  • Vernier Radiation Monitor (VRM-BTD)

All Spectrometers, including:

Some older sensors and specialty sensors, including:

  • Current & Voltage Probe System (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) (CV-BTA, discontinued)
  • CO2 Gas Sensor (CO2-BTA) (manufactured before 2008).
  • EKG Sensor (EKG-DIN, discontinued)
  • Heat Pulser for LabPro (HP-BTD, discontinued)

Probably Compatible, but can not be calibrated (as of our tests in March 2013)
All ISEs, including:

Other Non-linear:

With the exception of the above-listed sensors, most sensors that work with Go! Link should also work with the Ward’s DataHub. These are listed at

The Vernier sensor adapter is listed on Ward’s web site at: