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IB Physics

This guide includes our picks for your IB Physics classroom. Use this recommendation as a starting point to enhance your curriculum with hands-on science.

Getting Started

Number of Student Groups

Each student group should have at least one device (computer, Chromebook, iPad, etc) to collect and analyze data. We use this number to recommend item quantities.

Your Budget (Optional)

If you choose to provide your budget, we will calculate how much you have left so you can add or remove items.


Graphical Analysis Pro is highly recommended for use with Go Direct sensors. Vernier Video Analysis allows students to analyze motion data from videos.

ProductUnit PriceQuantity
Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro - 3-Year Site License (unlimited seats) ◥$299
Vernier Video Analysis® - 3-Year Site License (unlimited seats) ◥$450


ProductUnit PriceQuantity
Go Direct® Motion Detector ◥$124
Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor ◥$119
Go Direct® Photogate ◥$95
Picket Fence ◥

For use with Go Direct Photogate

Springs Set ◥$18
Dynamics Cart and Track System with Go Direct® Sensor Carts - 1.2 m Track ◥$619
Friction Pad DTS ◥

For use with Dynamics System

Cart Fan ◥

For use with Dynamics System

Eddy Current Brake ◥

For use with Dynamics System

Go Direct® Force Plate ◥

For class demos

Go Direct® Rotary Motion Sensor - Sensor Only ◥$189
Rotational Motion Accessory Kit ◥$125
Go Direct® Centripetal Force System - Apparatus Only (No Sensor) ◥

For class demos

Centripetal Force Apparatus Moment of Inertia Accessory Kit ◥

For class demos with Centripetal Force Apparatus

Centripetal Force Apparatus Motor Accessory Kit ◥

For class demos with Centripetal Force Apparatus

Go Direct® Projectile Launcher ◥

For class demos

Independence of Motion Accessory ◥

For class demos with Projectile Launcher

Time of Flight Pad ◥

For class demos with Projectile Launcher

Projectile Stop ◥

For class demos with Projectile Launcher


Waves and Sound

ProductUnit PriceQuantity
Go Direct® Sound Sensor ◥$98
Go Direct® Light and Color Sensor ◥$99
Power Amplifier ◥

For class demos

Power Amplifier Accessory Speaker ◥

For class demos with Power Amplifier

Optics Expansion Kit ◥$199
Mirror Set for Optics Expansion Kit ◥

For use with Optics Expansion Kit

Diffraction Apparatus ◥

For class demos



ProductUnit PriceQuantity
Go Direct® Charge Station ◥$89
Go Direct® Sensor Cart Charge Station ◥$149

LabQuest 3: A Standalone Data-Collection and Analysis Device

If your student groups do not have computers, Chromebooks, or mobile devices for data collection and analysis, you will want to add a LabQuest 3 to each group. We also have a dedicated charge station to conveniently store and charge four LabQuest 3 devices.

ProductUnit PriceQuantity
LabQuest 3 ◥

Add 1 per student group

LabQuest® Charge Station ◥

Charges 4 LabQuest devices



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