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Surface Temperature Sensor

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The Surface Temperature Sensor is designed for use in situations in which low thermal mass or flexibility is required, or for a skin temperature measurement.


The Surface Temperature Sensor has an exposed thermistor that results in an extremely rapid response time. This design allows for use in air and water. For temperature measurements in harsher environments that require a more durable probe, we recommend our Stainless Steel Temperature Probe.

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  • Temperature range: –25 to 125°C (–13 to 257°F)
  • Maximum temperature that the sensor can tolerate without damage: 150°C
  • Typical Resolution:
    • 0.08°C (–25 to 0°C)
    • 0.03°C (0 to 40°C)
    • 0.1°C (40 to 100°C)
    • 0.25°C (100 to 125°C)
  • Temperature sensor: 20 kΩ NTC Thermistor
  • Accuracy: ±0.2°C at 0°C, ±0.5°C at 100°C
  • Response time (time for 90% change in reading)
    • 50 seconds (in still air)
    • 20 seconds (in moving air)
  • Probe dimensions: Probe length (handle plus body) 15.5 cm

Important: For use in air and water only. For temperature measurements in harsher environments, we recommend the Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor.

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