Vernier Dynamics System (VDS, discontinued)
Specifications and User Guide

Vernier Dynamics Systems FAQs
How do you take apart a Vernier Dynamics Cart?
The nuts to connect the feet to my track don't fit into the slot underneath the track.
My Vernier Dynamics Cart jumps off the track when after colliding with the magnetic end stop.
What Vernier products do I need to order to implement a Real Time Physics program at my college?
How do I attach a Photogate and Ultra Pulley to the end of a Vernier Track?
How do I attach a mass to a Vernier dynamics cart?
How do I put the Vernier Dynamics System mass and the dual range force sensor on the green metal dynamics cart at the same time?
How do I change the batteries in the Cart Fan?
What is the spring constant on the Vernier Dynamics Carts with plunger and Sensor Carts ?
Can I make substitutions to parts included with the Vernier Dynamics System package?
How do I attach the Motion Detector bracket to the Vernier track?
Is the cart picket fence compatible with the mass for dynamics cart?
Should I buy the Vernier Dynamics Cart and Track System with the short track or the long track?
Does the friction pad work with the fan cart?
What is the best way to clean a track?
Can I buy a plunger-equipped encoder cart?
How do I use two motion detectors or two motion encoders at once to study collisions?
How do I connect the Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor to a plastic Vernier dynamics cart?
Can I use Go Direct Acceleration with a metal cart?
How do I decide which Dynamics Cart and Track System to purchase?
How can I fix a broken axle mount on a Vernier DTS cart?
What are the dimensions of the neodymium magnets used in the Vernier Dynamics System Carts?

Pasco and Vernier Compatibility
Will Pasco dynamics carts work on the Vernier tracks or vice versa?
Can I attach a Pasco Motion Sensor to end of a Vernier track?
Will Vernier photogate brackets work with Pasco tracks?
Can I attach Vernier cart fans to a Pasco cart?
Can the Vernier Optics Expansion Kit, and other optics accessories, be used with PASCO tracks?
Does the Vernier Cart Picket Fence fit into a Pasco Dynamics Cart?
Will Vernier Friction Pads work with Pasco carts?
Can I use the Track-to-Track Coupler to connect a Vernier track to a Pasco track?
Are Vernier and Pasco products compatible?
How do I connect a Wireless Dynamics Sensor System (WDSS) to a PASCO cart?
Can I attach a Pasco Super Pulley to the end of a Vernier track?