This information pertains to LabQuest 3.

If you have a LabQuest 2, see this article.
If you have an original LabQuest, see this article.

LabQuest 3 (LABQ3)

User Manual
The user manual is available at

The user manual is also available on the LabQuest 3 unit

  • From the Home screen, , select Experiment Viewer, .
  • Tap Open… scroll to the bottom of the list of folders and tap the _User Guides folder.
  • Select the LabQuest 3 User Manual.pdf and tap Open.

LabQuest 3 updates are available at

Top FAQs

Product Overview

Using LabQuest 3 as a Standalone Device

Battery and Power

LabQuest Internal Sensors

Using LabQuest 3 as a Data Sharing Source


Using LabQuest with a Computer

Hardware Problems

Sensor Problems

Care and Maintenance

Updating LabQuest

Updates are not yet available for this device.

Technical Specifications

Maximum sampling rate
Sensor: 100,000 samples/second (0.02 seconds max)
Multiple sensors: 10,000 samples/second (0.21 seconds max)

Minimum sampling rate
0.00125 samples/second (800 s/sample)

Maximum samples (standalone)
Single sensor: 2,000 samples @ 20,000–100,000 samples/second
Single sensor: 14,000–21,000 samples @ ≤ 10,000 samples/s
Multiple sensors: 12,000–14,000 samples @ ≤ 10,000 samples/s (Highest number of samples is for the very first collection after starting LabQuest. The smaller number of samples depends on the number of previous collections and stored runs during the LabQuest session.)