First, experiment files for experiments from Vernier laboratory manuals are available only in Logger Pro and Logger Lite. If you are using LabQuest App, Graphical Analysis 4, or other software from Vernier, pre-made experiment files are unnecessary as the student instructions guide the student to set up the software they are using for the experiment (student instructions can be found in the electronic resources for each book. See How do I access my lab books from my account on the Vernier website?).

To find experiment files in Logger Pro or Logger Lite, click the Open Folder icon or click the File menu and choose Open. The default folder that you see should be the Experiments folder, which contains folders for each of our books that includes experiment files. (Logger Lite includes experiment files for elementary and middle school level lab manuals only.) Scroll down within the Experiments folder to find the appropriate book, and open that folder to find the appropriate experiment file. In Logger Pro, the folder called Elementary Books includes experiment files for:
Earth Science with Vernier (ESV)
Investigating Wind Energy (ELB-WIND)
Investigating Solar Energy (ELB-SOLAR)
Investigating Temperature (ELB-TEMP)

Note that some of our inquiry-based and advanced lab manuals for high school and college do not have Logger Pro or Logger Lite experiment files, even though the experiments may be done with those programs. In these lab manuals, the student handouts include instructions for how to set up the software. Vernier lab manuals that do not require experiment files include:
Investigating Biology through Inquiry (BIO-I)
Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry (ESI)
Gas Chromatography Investigations with the Mini GC
Vernier Chemistry Investigations for Use with AP* Chemistry (APCHEM)
Investigating Chemistry through Inquiry (CHEM-I)
Organic Chemistry with Vernier (CHEM-O)
*Physics Explorations and Projects (PEP)
**Advanced Physics with Vernier — Mechanics (PHYS-AM)
**Advanced Physics with Vernier - Beyond Mechanics (PHYS-ABM)
Renewable Energy with Vernier (REV)

* Student instructions are appropriate for all software options, but step-by-step “click on this” instructions are not included
** Experiment files for a few experiments are provided; see student instructions

Some Vernier lab manuals are not supported by Logger Pro or Logger Lite, and are written specifically for use with Graphical Analysis. These lab manuals include:
Human Physiology Experiments (HSB-HP)
Wind Energy Explorations (MSB-WIND-E)
Solar Energy Explorations (MSB-SOLAR-E)
Exploring Motion and Force with Go Direct® Sensor Cart (MSB-CART-E)

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