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Encourage Scientific Curiosity in All Students through Hands-On Science Learning

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Vernier Graphical Analysis®

Do More with Your Go Direct® Sensors with Graphical Analysis Pro 

Help students form critical connections between abstract scientific ideas and the real world. With this easy-to-use app, students can visualize the data they collect and interact with that data on any desktop or mobile device commonly found in today’s classrooms.

Vernier Video Analysis®

Study Motion Everywhere

Our Vernier Video Analysis app makes studying motion easy and accessible. Students can design their own scientific investigations, record videos, and then analyze the motion. Bring video analysis to all your students, regardless of device—including Chromebooks™!

Take Data Collection to a New Level with LabQuest® 3

LabQuest 3 is a powerful, advanced, and versatile stand-alone data-collection platform. Students can navigate LabQuest 3 with ease, thanks to its capacitive touch screen. And with the platform’s wireless capabilities, students can collect and share data anywhere. 

LabQuest 3 purchase includes LabQuest 3 unit, rechargeable battery (in unit), AC power adapter, micro-USB computer connection cable, and Quick-Start Guide. 

Get Started with Our Must-Have Go Direct Sensors

Bring science to life and engage students in key STEM concepts, such as engineering design, scientific inquiry, and cause and effect, with our Go Direct sensors. These cutting-edge tools deepen understanding, foster problem solving, and elevate data collection and analysis for your students.

We offer over 50 Go Direct sensors, which connect directly to computers, Chromebooks,  LabQuest 3, tablets, and mobile devices. Go Direct sensors’ ease of use maximizes valuable lab time so you can focus on teaching.

Go Direct Spectrometers

Save time and space with our suite of Go Direct spectrometers. These innovative, easy-to-use instruments have a small footprint and collect data in seconds.

Data can be collected and analyzed using Vernier Spectral Analysis®or LabQuest App, which offer various analysis features, such as curve fitting and data interpolation. Plus, our free Vernier Spectral Analysis app works with a wide variety of devices via Bluetooth® wireless technology or USB.

Inspiring Future Generations of STEM-Literate Citizens

Web-based interactive lessons designed to put hands-on investigation at the heart of students’ learning

Vernier Connections™ provides science teachers and their students with access to high-quality, phenomenon-based learning experiences. With Connections, students deepen their understanding of scientific concepts and develop crucial skills, such as inquiry, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and flexibility.

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Vernier Science Education is dedicated to setting STEM educators up for success. We want you to get the most out of our technology, and we’re here to support you and your students. 

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