General Product Information

Download Graphical Analysis GW
Graphical Analysis GW is available to download from Google Play.

Note that a change in Google Play in January 2023 causes the app to be unavailable on devices with Android 7 or newer, if and only if the app has never been installed on that device before. For those comfortable with side loading apps, the apk can be downloaded here. Because this application has not been updated in some time, it may not work in all situations. Upcoming changes in Android 14 will likely block the side loading of this app.

Create an Experiment
Tap Create New Experiment to start data collection or manual data entry. Graphical Analysis automatically saves your experiments.

Collect Data
When creating a new experiment, tap to select a source for your data. You can choose Go Wireless Devices (Go Wireless Temp, Go Wireless pH, Go Wireless Heart Rate, or Go Wireless Link), LabQuest Stream, Data Sharing (LabQuest 2, LabQuest 3, or Logger Pro), Built-in Sensors, or Manual Entry.

Connect to a Data Sharing Source
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Using Go Wireless devices
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Additional TILs
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Support for Vernier Go Direct Sensors on Android
Use Graphical Analysis App for Android, available on Google Play

LabQuest 3 (LABQ3)