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What do I need to purchase to do IB Physics?

Vernier lab books contain dozens of experiements that meet the IB Physics standards; we have a list of correlations. The equipment listed below is based on the contents of our physics and chemistry lab books. You may want to add or remove items depending on which sensors and equipment you already own; see each lab book's table of contents for equipment details. Likewise, since no two physics instructors teach IB Physics in exactly the same way, this list may or may not have everything you would prefer.

The Deluxe Physics Package is a good starting point. For each lab station, you will get:
LabQuest 2 Physics Deluxe Package, order code LQ2-PHY-DX, $1,072 contains:

For Standard Level (SL) Physics, you will need both Physics with Vernier, order code PWV, $48 and Chemistry with Vernier, order code CWV, $48, as well as additional probeware. Order these sensors to add to the above list:

And, order this required lab equipment:

You may also consider purchasing Physics with Video Analysis, order code PVA, $48 as a supplement to the activities found in Physics with Vernier.

Likewise, our lab books, Renewable Energy with Vernier, order code REV, $48, Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry, order code ESI, $48, and Earth Science with Vernier, order code ESV, $48 offer many experiments and activities that align well with renewable and clean energy emphasis in IB Physics Standard 8 (Energy Production).

The following sensors and accessories would ideally be purchased per lab group, but also work quite well for large group demonstrations. Depending on your budget, you may wish to purchase one per lab group or just one per class:

Instructors, both SL and HL, planning on including Option B: Rotational Dynamics or Option C: Imaging in their curriculum will find the Rotary Motion Sensor, order code RMV-BTD, $169 and Rotational Motion Accessory Kit, order code AK-RMV, $110 and Optics Expansion Kit, order code OEK, $179 and Mirror Set for Optics Expansion Kit, order code M-OEK, $59, are perfect for lab investigations for those topics.

For Higher Level (HL) Physics, you will need Advanced Physics with Vernier — Mechanics, order code PHYS-AM, $48, Advanced Physics with Vernier — Beyond Mechanics, order code PHYS-ABM, $48, and Nuclear Radiation with Vernier (free download) and additional probeware to the Deluxe Package and SL items listed above. Order these sensors a la carte:

And, order this required lab equipment:

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