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College students performing the a bacterial transformation experiment

Photosynthesis by Chloroplasts – Experiment 12 from Investigating Biology through Inquiry

Getting Started

Integrate data-collection technology into your classroom in 4 easy steps.

  1. Add one copy of a lab book for your subject

  2. Choose the interface that best fits your needs

  3. Choose the sensors for experiments you’ll teach

  4. Add one copy of Logger Pro software

Get Started in 4 Steps

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Biology Lab Books

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Biology Packages

Stainless Steel Temperature ProbeGo Direct® Conductivity ProbeGo Direct® Optical Dissolved Oxygen ProbeBlood Pressure SensorBioChamber 250Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer

Advanced Biology Packages

These packages include the interfaces and sensors for performing the experiments in the Advanced Biology with Vernier lab book.

Inquiry Biology Packages

Recommended for advanced high school, AP, IB, and college biology classrooms. These products are recommended for performing the experiments in the Investigating Biology through Inquiry lab book.


Gel electrophoresis, colorimetric assays, enzyme kinetics, and more with Vernier’s affordable and intuitive technology for biotechnology education.

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Gel electrophoresis with Blue Digital Bioimaging System and Logger Pro software

Digital Microscopes

Capture images, videos, or time-lapse photographs on your computer, Chromebook, or mobile device. We offer several digital microscopy options depending on your classroom and lab situation.

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Digital Microscopes


We offer professional development with Vernier specialists who can help you learn how to integrate data-collection technology into your classroom.

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