This product is discontinued and replaced by LabQuest 2.

The original LabQuest is discontinued and replaced by LabQuest 2 » labquest

LabQuest is a standalone and computer interface for Vernier sensors. Use its color touch screen to collect, graph, and analyze data in your classroom or in the field.

Built Tough, Built to Last

Created with today’s classroom in mind, the LabQuest is designed with rubber overmolding and rugged mechanical design to provide protection against everyday bumps, falls, and splashes.

Key Hardware Features

  • Stand-alone device or Windows and Macintosh computer interface
  • Durable design and water-resistant, built for years of use
  • Rechargeable battery usually lets you go a school day before recharging
  • Compatible with existing Vernier sensors

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One-Touch Simplicity

Collect and analyze data directly on the LabQuest with its vivid color-touch screen. Perform graph analysis, time experiments with the stopwatch, write student notes, and make calculations with the scientific calculator—all using the LabQuest software.

Key Software Features

  • Intuitive touch-based interface
  • Built-in graphing and analysis software
  • Stopwatch, notes, activities, scientific calculator, and more

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The Technology to Excel

  • Can be used as a computer interface, a stand-alone device, or in the field
  • Built-in graphing and analysis software
  • Vivid color touch screen

Free Software Updates

LabQuest includes free software updates for new features and enhancements.

Download the latest LabQuest update

Publication Reviews

“I would highly recommend it for every classroom that is serious about engaging students in meaningful scientific investigations.”

Brian Friedlander, The Inclusion Times

“In today’s day and age it is extremely important for students to be able to visualize data and in fact this is what the LabQuest does extremely well.”

Sally Finley, MultiMedia & Internet@Schools

Awards and Recognitions

LabQuest Awards

Compatible Sensors and Lab Equipment

LabQuest is compatible with over 70 Vernier sensors and lab equipment, providing a wide selection of experiments to add data-collection technology.

What’s Included

Free Software Updates

Get new features and enhancements with free software updates to the LabQuest built-in graphing and analysis software.

Download the latest LabQuest update

Ordering Information

The original LabQuest is discontinued and replaced by LabQuest 2.

Talking LabQuest

Blind and Low Vision (BLV) students can participate independently alongside their peers in hands-on science laboratory experiments with a LabQuest interface and Sci-Voice Access software.

Talking LabQuest for blind and low-vision students »

Educational use only: Vernier products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical, or commercial applications. Product usage disclaimer »

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