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LabQuest® Mini Advanced Biology Packages

Each package includes an interface and sensors for a lab group of 2 to 4 students.

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Colorimeter or SpectroVis Plus?

The deluxe packages contain all the sensors needed to perform the experiments in the Advanced Biology with Vernier lab book. The SpectroVis Plus can always be used in place of a Colorimeter, but there are spectroscopy and emissions labs where the Colorimeter cannot replace a SpectroVis Plus.

You Will Also Need

Logger Pro

Logger Pro Software

Logger Pro is our flagship data-collection and analysis application for Windows and Mac. Includes a site license for all computers in your school or your college department, as well as students’ personal computers.

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Advanced Biology with Vernier

27 ready-to-use experiments with student instructions, essential instructor information, and safety information. Purchase of the electronic or print version provides 24/7 access through your Vernier account to up-to-date word-processing files so you can customize experiments. The site license allows you to share files with others in your school or college department.

Experiments from Advanced Biology with Vernier
27 total experiments
Sensors and EquipmentDeluxe
11 experiments
3Mitosis & MeiosisNone Required
4APlant Pigment Chromatography None Required
6ApGLO™ Bacterial Transformation
  • Blue Digital Bioimaging System
7Genetics of DrosophilaNone Required
8Population Genetics and EvolutionNone Required
11Animal BehaviorNone Required
13The Visible Spectra of Plant PigmentsNone Required
14Determination of Chlorophyll in Olive OilNone Required
15Enzyme Analysis using Tyrosinase
  • Colorimeter
16Introduction to Neurotransmitters using AChE
  • Colorimeter
17Macromolecules: Experiments with Protein
  • Colorimeter
1ADiffusion through Membranes
  • Conductivity Probe
  • Gas Pressure Sensor
2AEnzyme Action: Testing Catalase Activity
  • O2 Gas Sensor
2BEnzyme Action: Testing Catalase Activity
  • Gas Pressure Sensor
  • Colorimeter
5ACell Respiration (CO2 and O2)
  • CO2 Gas Sensor
  • O2 Gas Sensor
5BCell Respiration (CO2)
  • CO2 Gas Sensor
5CCell Respiration (O2)
  • O2 Gas Sensor
5DCell Respiration (Pressure)
  • Gas Pressure Sensor (2)
6BForensic DNA Fingerprinting
  • White Digital Bioimaging System
  • Blue Digital Bioimaging System
6BAnalysis of Precut Lambda DNA
  • White Digital Bioimaging System
  • Blue Digital Bioimaging System
  • Gas Pressure Sensor
  • Biology ProScope HR Kit
10ABlood Pressure as a Vital Sign
  • Blood Pressure Sensor
10BHeart Rate and Physical Fitness
  • Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor
12ADissolved Oxygen in Water
  • Vernier Optical DO Probe
  • Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
12BPrimary Productivity
  • Vernier Optical DO Probe
  • Primary Productivity Kit

Ordering Information

Each package includes an interface and sensors for a lab group of 2 to 4 students.

All prices shown are for U.S. educators.

PackageOrder CodePriceQuantity
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Logger Pro 3Includes a site license for your school or science department and students' home computersLP$249
Advanced Biology with Vernier (Electronic Version)Buy one copy for your school or science departmentBIO-A-E$40
Advanced Biology with VernierBuy one copy for your school or science departmentBIO-A$48
Consider These Additional Products
Primary Productivity KitPPK$44
Stir StationSTIR$129
Electrode SupportESUP$10
BioChamber 2000BC-2000$19
Blue Digital Bioimaging SystemBL-DBS$799
Water Quality Bottles (8 bottles)WQ-BOT$28

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