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Recommended Products for Investigating Wind Energy with LabQuest® Mini

Recommended products for experiments in our Investigating Wind Energy lab manual

Interface, Sensors, and Accessories

You will need the interface, sensors, and accessories below for each lab station of 2 to 4 students.

You May Also Need

You will need one copy of our software and lab book per school.

Logger Lite

Logger Lite Software

Logger Lite is our free data-collection and analysis application for Windows and Mac.

 book cover

Investigating Wind Energy

11 ready-to-use experiments with student instructions, essential instructor information, and safety information. Purchase of the electronic or print version provides 24/7 access through your Vernier account to up-to-date word-processing files so you can customize experiments. The site license allows you to share files with others in your school or college department.

Ordering Information

All prices shown are for U.S. educators.

Interface and SensorsOrder CodePriceQuantity
LabQuest MiniLQ-MINI$149
Vernier Energy SensorVES-BTA$88
KidWind MINI Wind Turbine with Blade DesignKW-MWTBD$65
Vernier Resistor BoardVES-RB$18
You May Also Need
Logger LiteFree basic, data-collection software
Investigating Wind EnergyBuy one book for your school or science departmentELB-WIND$25
Consider These Additional Products
KidWind Basic Wind Experiment KitKW-BWX$119

Support and Service

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